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By | June 25, 2018

Hello, once again my fellow, Narcs! I am here to write you a short guide on few extra tips that I learned the hard way so let’s get started!

Don’t collect your resources

This trick is pretty useful if you are online often. This will seem strange, but it makes sense: don’t collect your resources if you don’t need them. You may ask why is that and here is the answer: if you collect the resources, they are now stored and everything that is stored can be stolen from you. However, if you don’t actually collect them, they can’t be stolen. I’ve been collecting resources every single time I had them and that was a big mistake. Now I only do it when I need them to use upgrade something or build something.

Proper defense

The next one will be about defense. I will talk about how to properly setup your defense so you can maximize it. Now, when you are placing turrets, you should make them near each other so they can cover the same ground for a small portion of the base, but not too close. This way nothing will slip through. If you make space between them, something will pass through and that can mean that you will have a destroyed base and that is not a good thing. But you also need to remember that you need to spread them apart far enough so they won’t get hit by missiles or grenades.

Every time you get an attack, take one minute to check out the replay. That way, you will see what is the most focused points, what are your weakest points and you can learn everything you need from that as you will see a live example of your base getting attacked. Now that you know what are some of the good and the bad things in your base, you can now concentrate on what’s bad and fix it without a problem.

A lot of my friends don’t actually watch replays and that’s a bad thing because you can really learn everything about your base that way and a true Narcos knows all his good sides and bad sides.

Here is a cool video that will explain a lot as well make your winning easier:



That is it – don’t collect your resources often and watch the replays and then you will know what needs fixing and what’s good. Until next time, have fun and keep on making money!

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