Gold – what is it and when to use it

By | August 1, 2018

This game is amazing! There is so much to do, so much to level up and the best thing is that you can play with your friends. But there is one problem with the game – if you buy gold, you can make massive progress. Today we will talk about what actually is gold and when should you use it.

What is Gold?

Gold is the premium in-game currency that you can buy from the store, get it by completing certain tasks or use our gold generator. It is very valuable as you can do many things with it in the game that you just can’t do without and if you have it, you can progress really fast.

When to use Gold?

Now, this is the important question. When to actually use the gold if you have it. The answer is: when there is no other options. Since gold is such a premium currency in the game, you should only use it when there are no other options. For example, you don’t have enough builders to level up more buildings and you want to spend gold in order to finish building the current building. This would be a bad example of using gold as all you need to do is wait for the building to complete. There is always something to do in this game and that is why you should not spend gold to finish buildings.

You can use it to speed up building your base but use it wisely. Don’t use gold to finish something that needs 10 minutes to complete. Use it when upgrading something big like the main building. Then you will get the most value out of that.

You should use gold when you need to buy something from the market. You will get more if you purchase something from the market if you use gold, you will always get an extra Sicario that will work for you or more resources so that is a good way to use gold as you will always get more.

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